RIOJA Project Software Products


The RIOJA project developed as set of APIs to enable easy set up of journals overlaid on repositories. There is a separate page with details of the RIOJA API specifications. Here we give modified software packages to start journals based on existing repositories, and to start new API-enabled ePrints-based repositories.

Overlayed Open Journal Systems

The original code is the fully-featured OJS journal system (2.1.1) for managing submission, refereeing and publication of academic papers, freely available from the Public Knowledge Project under a GNU licence. We contracted MataOme to modify the software to allow for easy submission of papers from repositories, and streamlining the refereeing and "publication" process. Changes include:

As in the original OJS metadata is available via standard OAI interface for harvesting (sample URL).

You can see the software demonstrated:

Software download

The modified software is freely available:

The modified journal software should work immediately with arXiv via their RIOJA interface, and also ultimately with the modified ePrints software described below.

Open issues

The following changes were planned but not yet implemented:

Currently known bugs are listed on the bug tracker. In addition arXiv currently does not have consistent support for latex and citations, so probably manual editing post-API would currently be needed.

Overlaying ePrints

We contracted ePrints and MataOme to modify the ePrints 3 software to support the RIOJA API for submitting papers hosted by ePrints to overlay journals. Changes include:

Software download

The modified software is freely available:

Antony Lewis 2008.